Wedding Wednesday: Games For Your Outdoor Wedding

June and July has brought with it so many corporate picnics and outdoor events. From small private gatherings to parties of 500+, outdoor events bring different challenges but also offer unique opportunities for entertainment. Since it is Wedding Wednesday we wanted to focus today on some fun entertainment ideas for those couples celebrating their nuptials in the great outdoors.

If you’re having your reception outside you may be faced with some questions about the types of entertainment you want to offer. Let’s say your guest list is small, maybe 50 or less. A 10 piece party band is probably just not the right choice for you. Unless your group is full of  people who just loooove to dance. Perhaps you really want live music as part of your event, and that’s great! We really encourage live music because it adds to the atmosphere and ensures your guests have a fantastic time. So maybe you keep your live music to a jazz trio for dinner, awesome! What other entertainment are you going to have on-hand?

Or perhaps you are having a big shindig with 300 of your friends and family! Whew – what a party! But you’ve opted to host your event midday and dancing isn’t going to be on the menu. Again, you’re faced with a decision about alternative entertainment for your guests.

We have a lot of ideas when it comes to outdoor entertainment and we’ll be sharing those over the coming weeks. Today, though, we want to give you 5 alternative entertainment options in the form of outdoor games! We’re not going to suggest that you have your heeled bridesmaids partake in a game of volleyball but there are some options for classy garden games that will have your guests interacting and enjoying themselves in no time.


Image credit: jronaldlee

You don’t have to find yourself on a well-pruned English lawn in front of a sprawling cathedral to play this classic garden game. It does, however, help to be drinking champagne 🙂

Bocce Ball

Image credit: djwudi

Okay so you may not be Umberto Granaglia but, no matter! Bocce Ball is another family favorite and is easy to set up almost anywhere!

Bean Bag Toss

Image credit: whiteafrican

This class back yard game is the ultimate wedding choice. Why? Because you can personalize it! You can diy the bean bags with your date transferred on to them or even paint the bride and groom’s silhouettes on to the box!


Image credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust

Depending on your venue, you’ll have to get permission for this one before you hammer a stake in the ground. But if you can, horseshoes is a great entertainment option for rustic, barn weddings!

Tic Tac Toe

Image credit: rosefirerising

It’s Tic Tac Toe, yes, but it’s also X’s and O’s! A great garden game, you could create your own with stones or build giant sized letters to be used on a rope grid. It’s as easy to play as it is to dream up fun variations!

What are some other fun outdoor games?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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