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Wedding Wednesday: 5 Silly Last Dance Songs

Want to end your wedding reception with a laugh? Here are 5 songs that are sure to make your guests smile (or smirk, we can’t make any promises!)

Next Wedding Wednesday, come back for 5 Sing-a-long Last Dance Songs!


Lisa @ Lorio-Ross



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Wedding Wednesday: Recessionals (‘Home’ Alternatives)

‘Home‘ by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros really took the wedding industry by storm. It’s makes for such a super recessional or an eclectic first dance option; it’s a song that’s almost impossible not to love. With a really fantastic melody and a contagious sing-a-long chorus, we totally get why couples swooned! But that song came out in 2010 and it’s 2012 people! Inspired by the catchy chorus and the hippy-folk-group feel, here are some wedding recessional alternatives for anyone looking for that ‘Home’ kinda feel.

There’s no better way to start off the list than with Edward Sharpe front man, Alexander Ebert. ‘A Million Years’ has that same fetching feeling and, have you actually heard the lyrics? They’re big and fantastical and oh-so-full of love!

I love you like, grave danger like, moon shining disguise. When I wake up with your make up and spread blush across the sky.


Here’s the good news, couples… you don’t have to abandon the lovable Edward Sharpe and his friends! This song has wedding recessional written all over it!

No matter what!
You’ve got my love to lean on darling.


Of Monsters and Men offers a similar sound with a female lead and male back up. You may have to stretch your imagination a bit with the lyrics but this strange love song offers a sweet-sounding beat. We’ll let you figure out what a lionheart is.

And as the world comes to an end

I’ll be here to hold your hand

Cause you’re my king and I’m your lionheart.


Givers are young, fresh and a little kooky. Just as with all the others, this tune will probably lead your guests to toe tapping and knee slapping. You probably just want to go ahead and plan to skip down the aisle.

In the light, there’s still stormin’
In the shade, there’s still warmin’
You’ll see – What you’ll be
In the grey, there’s still colors
Without fade, inside lovers
We’ll be, yeah, we’ll be


I Would Do Anything for You‘ by Foster The People is a little more indie-pop than ‘Home‘ but we think it deserves to be on this list because it’s fun and the lyrics are, bottom line, beautiful.

Oo la love, I’ve fallen in love, and it’s better this time than ever before.


Looking for processionals, too? Check these out!


Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Music Monday: Classic Love Song Redux

Happy Monday, friends! Today we’ve been rocking out to some classic love songs. Actually, swaying with a lit lighter would be a more accurate description. I’m talking about those really classic love songs, the ones that have probably been played at thousands of weddings. Perhaps your parents danced to one of these songs, maybe most of your friends. But just because they’ve been overplayed doesn’t mean they’re overused. You shouldn’t feel like you have to pass up your favorite love song just because so many others have danced to it before you. If At Last is the only song you’ll cheek-to-cheek to, lucky for you there are oodles of fantastic covers. From Joni Mitchell to Beyonce, contemporary artists have covered that song, among others. Some covers are so unique that they become just a shadow of the original tune! So have a listen to these covers of our favorite classic love songs and then see what goodies you can dig up on your own!

What are some of your favorite classic love songs?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Music Monday: 20 Songs for Second Weddings

If this is your second go-round at the wedding thing, you may be feeling stressed about choosing the music for your celebration. A lot of you are searching for music resources for second weddings and while there is plenty of advice on ceremony traditions, invitation wording or registry etiquette, there isn’t much on the subject of music for second weddings. Perhaps this is because, like many other aspects of the ‘second wedding’, old school rules need not apply. You should aim to choose whatever music suits you and represents your relationship. After all, even if one, or both, of you has been married before, you’ve never married one another! Celebrate your unique love.

Even some of the most traditional and long standing first dance songs would be more than appropriate for your second nuptials. Think Etta James ‘At Last’! If that doesn’t sum up how you feel about your bride or groom to be, I don’t know what would! In any event, we still wanted to give couples a resource with some song options for second weddings. So, we rounded up 20 of our favorites from old to new… just for you!

And for good measure, enjoy the adorable music video for ‘Think of Me’. Your heart will swoon at 3:00.

Do you have any suggestions for second wedding songs? We’d love to hear them!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Add To Your Playlist: Unique Wedding Processionals

Happy Music Monday! Last week we added some new additions to our ceremony and cocktail hour options (find them here!). That got us thinking about wedding processionals. Many brides opt for traditional offerings such as Bach’s Air on the G String, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, or Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary. Traditional songs are great options for a variety of reasons; walking down the aisle to a song that hundreds of other brides processed to is carrying on a certain tradition, one that represents years of matrimony.  Additionally, most ceremony musicians will have those songs as part of their repertoire so you don’t have to fret about finding sheet music for a song they need to learn.

For many brides, however, they want to think outside the box when it comes to ceremony music. Perhaps you already have a special song in mind, or perhaps you’re still looking for that perfect melody, one that moves you and encompasses all the emotions you expect to feel as you watch your bride walk down the aisle or process towards your groom with great anticipation.

So we made a playlist for you! This is just a sampling of options, some classical, some indie, and some fabulous takes on popular music. We’re particularly loving Vitamin String Quartet and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Check it out and let us know what you’re walking down the aisle to.

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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Add To Your Playlist: 3 More Can’t Go Wrong Dance Songs

Last Music Monday, we shared 9 great picks to keep the party going strong at your corporate event or wedding reception. We asked readers to suggest their pick for #10. Read the original post here and then check out these suggestions from our readers!

1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

The Tune: Cyndi Lauper’s breakthrough hit, Girls Just Want To Have Fun resonates with women of all ages and is a pop-culture legacy of the 80s. With the song’s contagious beat, Lauper’s eccentric moves, and lyrics that are begging to be sung in masses, this tune is a great pick for our list!

The Groove: Lauper offers plenty of inspiration in the video. Think side stepping with bold arm movements, or fanning your skirt while you sway. The beat offers a perfect opportunity for a train, which should only encourage guests to belt out the lyrics of this feminist anthem.

2. Play That Funky Music – Wild Cherry

The Tune: A true one-hit-wonder with a title inspired by the times. For a band that normally played hard rock, this funk rock song really hit a chord with fans, propelling the tune to the top of the charts.

The Groove: Thanks to our friend, David, for these suggested dance moves: Step side to side while nodding your head to the beat. Singing along only in anticipation of the guitar solo at which you stop dancing to play your air guitar.

2. Feel So Close To You – Calvin Harris

The Tune: A classic club thumper with wistful lyrics makes this a great choice to get people to hit the dance floor! Bonus points for another surefire singalong chorus. This is Indie meets Dance at its best. We predict Feel So Close To You is going to be a popular request this wedding season.

The Groove: This song has a great, rhythmic, repetitious beat so go with it! As long as your moving in some sort of bouncy fashion, you should be good!

Be sure to check out the intense dubstep remix of Feel So Close To You from Nero… here.

What are you planning on adding to your playlist to ensure your guests bust-a-move?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Add To Your Playlist: 9 Can’t Go Wrong Dance Songs

When you’re planning your wedding reception playlist, it’s important to have a good variety of music that appeals to all your guests. You want to give your college roommates the opportunity to bust a move but you don’t want Grandma to feel left out. Here are 9 dance floor favorites… we’ve left #10 up to you! 

1. Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson

The Tune: Born in Detroit, Michigan (what’s not to love!), Jackie Wilson’s discography boasts a wealth of dance floor favorites. With a legacy of passionate performances and groovy moves, it’s no wonder he’s called Mr. Excitement. An inescapably contagious tune that’s a little ecstatic, this classic will be sure to get people on the dance floor.

The Groove: Time to go a little wild. Arms out, fingers snapping, hips and shoulders swaying with a good head tilt. And of course, sing along.

Watch on You Tube

2. Like A Prayer – Madonna

The Tune: Another Michigander, you really can’t go wrong with Madonna on your playlist. A pop-rock song with elements of gospel, Like A Prayer has a simple melody paired with an appealing contrast of sounds and textures.

The Groove: Crouch down with your legs apart and bend your knees outward. Sway your hips to the beat and use your arms to gyrate to the rhythm of the music. For the less flexible, try a simple side to side step and clap to the beat. An oldie but a goodie – Madonna style.

Watch on You Tube

3. 1999 – Prince

The Tune: A Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-er, Prince is known for his flamboyant stage presence, over-the-top performances and stunning vocal range. 1999 offers dancer apocalyptic pop at it’s best – a true party theme.

The Groove: It’s the end of the world – go crazy.

4. Black & Gold – Sam Sparro

The Tune: A little bit electro-pop with an insistent pulse, Black & Gold is Aussie-American sensation Sam Sparro’s lead single off his self-titled album.

The Groove: A little bit Fred Astair, a little bit Mr. Roboto.

Watch on You Tube

5. Dancing Queen – ABBA

The Tune: Euro-disco triumph ABBA has a decidedly superstar legacy. Dancing Queen is only one of countless hits but still remains one of their most popular songs. This might be due in part to the fact that you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who won’t dance to it.

The Groove: Twirling. Twirling of any kind.

Watch on You Tube

6. Hey Ya – Outkast

The Tune: A song you cannot not sing along to. Hey Ya is a great mix of hip-hop and pop-rock with a dash of funk. It’s sad to think that in another 10 years, kids may not even know how to ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’.

The Groove: Incessant jiggle with the occasional shimmy and properly timed clap.

Watch on You Tube

7. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

The Tune: If you like Bill Murray you know that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t… But in all seriousness, who doesn’t love this song!? With a great build-up, Sweet Caroline is the perfect mix of belt-it-out lyrics and poppy dance-ability.

The Groove: Swaying, some hugging, and a whole lotta shouting.

Watch on You Tube

8. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

The Tune: Party Rock Anthem… need we say more?

The Groove: Learn How to Shuffle!!!

Watch on You Tube

9. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

The Tune: With a distinctive bass line and Jackson’s vocal “hiccups”, Billie Jean is a good crowd pleaser for both its singability and solid beat. Not too fast, not too slow.

The Groove: Moonwalk. Moonwalk in a circle. And if you can’t: shimmy, spin and pop-walk your little heart out.

Watch on You Tube

So, tell us! What should #10 be? We’ll post your responses next week.

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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