Wedding Wednesday: Games For Your Outdoor Wedding

June and July has brought with it so many corporate picnics and outdoor events. From small private gatherings to parties of 500+, outdoor events bring different challenges but also offer unique opportunities for entertainment. Since it is Wedding Wednesday we wanted to focus today on some fun entertainment ideas for those couples celebrating their nuptials in the great outdoors.

If you’re having your reception outside you may be faced with some questions about the types of entertainment you want to offer. Let’s say your guest list is small, maybe 50 or less. A 10 piece party band is probably just not the right choice for you. Unless your group is full of  people who just loooove to dance. Perhaps you really want live music as part of your event, and that’s great! We really encourage live music because it adds to the atmosphere and ensures your guests have a fantastic time. So maybe you keep your live music to a jazz trio for dinner, awesome! What other entertainment are you going to have on-hand?

Or perhaps you are having a big shindig with 300 of your friends and family! Whew – what a party! But you’ve opted to host your event midday and dancing isn’t going to be on the menu. Again, you’re faced with a decision about alternative entertainment for your guests.

We have a lot of ideas when it comes to outdoor entertainment and we’ll be sharing those over the coming weeks. Today, though, we want to give you 5 alternative entertainment options in the form of outdoor games! We’re not going to suggest that you have your heeled bridesmaids partake in a game of volleyball but there are some options for classy garden games that will have your guests interacting and enjoying themselves in no time.


Image credit: jronaldlee

You don’t have to find yourself on a well-pruned English lawn in front of a sprawling cathedral to play this classic garden game. It does, however, help to be drinking champagne ūüôā

Bocce Ball

Image credit: djwudi

Okay so you may not be Umberto Granaglia but, no matter! Bocce Ball is another family favorite and is easy to set up almost anywhere!

Bean Bag Toss

Image credit: whiteafrican

This class back yard game is the ultimate wedding choice. Why? Because you can personalize it! You can diy the bean bags with your date transferred on to them or even paint the bride and groom’s silhouettes on to the box!


Image credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust

Depending on your venue, you’ll have to get permission for this one before you hammer a stake in the ground. But if you can, horseshoes is a great entertainment option for rustic, barn weddings!

Tic Tac Toe

Image credit: rosefirerising

It’s Tic Tac Toe, yes, but it’s also X’s and O’s! A great garden game, you could create your own with stones or build giant sized letters to be used on a rope grid. It’s as easy to play as it is to dream up fun variations!

What are some other fun outdoor games?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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Music Monday: Classic Love Song Redux

Happy Monday, friends! Today we’ve been rocking out to some classic love songs. Actually, swaying with a lit lighter would be a more accurate description. I’m talking about those really classic love songs, the ones that have probably been played at thousands of weddings. Perhaps your parents danced to one of these songs, maybe most of your friends. But just because they’ve been overplayed doesn’t mean they’re overused. You shouldn’t feel like you have to pass up your favorite love song just because so many others have danced to it before you. If At Last is the only song you’ll cheek-to-cheek to, lucky for you there are oodles of fantastic covers. From Joni Mitchell to Beyonce, contemporary artists have covered that song, among others. Some covers are so unique that they become just a shadow of the original tune! So have a listen to these covers of our favorite classic love songs and then see what goodies you can dig up on your own!

What are some of your favorite classic love songs?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Add To Your Playlist: Tunes For Independence

photo credit: GoodNCrazy

Happy (early) Independence Day, fellow Americans! Whether you’re going to be boating on one of our beautiful lakes, BBQ-ing with neighbors and friends, taking in a patriotic parade, setting off fireworks and scaring the neighbor dog or just relaxing on your day off, we figure you’ll need some tunes. Consider it a patriotic soundtrack for your day.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Music Monday: 20 Songs for Second Weddings

If this is your second go-round at the wedding thing, you may be feeling stressed about choosing the music for your celebration. A lot of you are searching for music resources for second weddings and while there is plenty of advice on ceremony traditions, invitation wording or registry etiquette, there isn’t much on the subject of music for second weddings. Perhaps this is because, like many other aspects of the ‘second wedding’, old school rules need not apply. You should aim to choose whatever music suits you and represents your relationship. After all, even if one, or both, of you has been married before, you’ve never married one another! Celebrate your unique love.

Even some of the most traditional and long standing first dance songs would be more than appropriate for your second nuptials. Think Etta James ‘At Last’! If that doesn’t sum up how you feel about your bride or groom to be, I don’t know what would! In any event, we still wanted to give couples a resource with some song options for second weddings. So, we rounded up 20 of our favorites from old to new… just for you!

And for good measure, enjoy the adorable music video for ‘Think of Me’. Your heart will swoon at 3:00.

Do you have any suggestions for second wedding songs? We’d love to hear them!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Planning Your Party: Mardi Gras Picnic

Summer is here! And here in Michigan, she’s not kidding around. We’ve just had a heat wave to write home about and, as the temperatures cool to a reasonable 80, we’ve got picnics on our minds. There’s nothing much better than getting your extended family, your colleagues, or just your friends, together under shaded trees on a warm, breezy afternoon. But if you want to take your picnic or outdoor party to a whole new level, consider choosing a theme to turn it into a fun-filled affair! At Lorio Ross Entertainment, picnics and outdoor parties are some of the most enjoyable events for us to plan and produce. These types of events offer up the opportunity to think outside the box and incorporate fantastic additions like clowns, moonwalks, dragon floats, carnival games and even old fashioned ice cream trucks. Indoor events don’t typically call for moonwalks or vintage cars but, with outdoor parties, the sky really is the limit.

Theme: Mardi Gras Picnic

Description: A fun and colorful picnic theme that just begs to be held out-of-doors. The vibrant palette of Mardi Gras set in a park atmosphere takes shape in the form of carnival games, clowns, street signs, pennant streamers, stiltwalkers, and anything else you can dream up!

Suggested attire: Casual.

Food and Drink: Ice Cream, Lemonade and vintage Sodas.

Décor: The picnic entrance is flanked by brick columns with an arched sign. Lamp posts and street signs adorn the area as Mardi Gras flag pennants blow in the breeze. Masks, beads, coins and hats adorn the tables.

Entertainment:¬†The options for entertainment are endless. Mardi Gras Clowns and Jesters are a good choice; throw in a couple of Stiltwalkers and you’ll be set! Face painting is always a riot if there are kids in attendance. Carnival games also fit the bill for a Mardi Gras picnic, such as a Hi-Striker, Bag Toss and Moonwalk. And don’t forget the Vintage Ice Cream Truck!

Music:¬†Picnics don’t always require live music so you could consider having a DJ with the option of karaoke. Or, if you’re hosting a big corporate picnic, why not go all our with a marching band!?

Are you hosting a picnic this summer? Tell us about it!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Wedding Wednesday: Unique Registries

When it comes to wedding registries, personalization is key. Afterall, you’re asking your guests to look at a list of things you want and pick one, because nothing is worse than receiving an incredibly expensive wedding gift that you’ll never use and cannot return. This is an obvious point, yes, but for years, registries were confined to large department stores and national retailers. From Macy’s to Bed Bath and Beyond to Crate & Barrel, couples were restricted to choose 1 or 2 stores with which to register and find something in their stock that they want. Alas, those days are finally over. It started with niche national retailers, like Home Depot, offering wedding registries because, one day, a light bulb flashed and someone went… doy… not everyone wants a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Just almost everyone.

The alternative wedding registry industry has exploded in recent years, with opportunities to register for anything from your honeymoon to your mortgage! And then a few sites took the idea behind the Amazon Wishlist and turned wedding registries in to a whole new monster. But this monster is good, and friendly, and wants to make your life easier. You’ll love him, trust me.

Here are some of the most unique and easy-to-use registries we could find, for you!


Wishpot is an online service that lets you add anything you want to your Wishpot registry. Think Pinterest but for shopping. Download the wishpot button and ‘wish’ for anything from anywhere on the web. You can then share your list with your guests! Wishpot also lets you take advantage of recommendations from experts and helps you find the best price with¬†price alerts.¬†And, they make it easier to receive cash from friends & family using¬†chipin¬†and¬†cash gifts!


Honeyfund offers free registries for Honeymoons and Cash Gifts. With an insanely friendly interface, you can easily list your dream honeymoon activities, add items from their sample registries and also include non-honeymoon items. Honeyfund also offers chic printable insert cards to announce your registry with your invites as well as links to twitter, Facebook and all the social media sites you use. Top all that off with handy management tools allowing you to see your list from inception through thank you notes, Honeyfund is a really unique option!

Hatch My House

Design a house and start saving toward a down payment, renovations or home decor in a fun and interactive way. After you’ve ‘designed your home’, you’ll link your HMH account to your free PayPal account and then share your registry to easily start receiving cash gifts to be put toward that down payment or kitchen re-do.

Wine Enthusiast

Let’s say you have your house in order, your beautiful gun metal gray Kitchen Aid Mixer perched upon your counter, and you’ve been saving for your honeymoon since you were 22. Perhaps all you need is to stock your wine cellar! It’s as simple as that.

I Do Foundation

With all sorts of options, I Do Foundation is your one-stop-shop for charity giving to celebrate your nuptials. You can set up a charity registry, give to a charity in lieu of favors, or give generously on behalf of your wedding attendants. For a complete win-win situation, create a wedding gift registry with their partner stores and up to 5% of gift purchases will be donated to your favorite charity!

Knack Regisrty

Your style. Your taste. Your registry. With a tagline like that, what’s not to love. Knack takes the Amazon wish list one step further, allowing you to register for items from non-national retailers! Making it the ultimate in personalization. You can choose to register for gifts and also include the option for guests to help fund your honeymoon. Knack offers couples who can’t decide on one thing the variety they might be looking for. And with a clean, crisp website, it’s easy to use to boot!

Where are you registering?


Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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What’s On: Holiday Weekend Edition

Everyone loves the weekend. Especially a long weekend! After a long, busy week, who doesn’t want to get out and have a good time? Work hard, play hard, right?!

We’ve booked some great gigs for this weekend! Whether you’re looking for live music here in the Detroit area or further afield, chances are there’s fantastic entertainment happening right where you are! Here’s a list of some of the best music this Friday and Saturday has to offer…


Beat the weekend temps and join L’USA as they heat up the Chromatics Lounge at MotorCity Casino this Saturday, May 26, from 7:00pm!


Head over to your neighborhood Hamlin Pub to check out these great bands…

ClarkstonHamlin Pub Live Entertainment from Lorio Ross



Lake Orion:





Van Dyke




Habitat Ultra Lounge Weber's InnThere’s always something fun happening in Ann Arbor. As restaurant week comes to a close, grab your friends and head to Weber’s Inn for this weekend’s awesome live entertainment…

Friday & Saturday



Ocean Prime Troy Live EntertainmentPlanning a special¬†occasion¬†or just looking for something a little swanky? Ocean Prime is your go-to place for the most talented musicians around.¬†Check out the following locations for a variety of live music…


Friday & Saturday: GEORGE MARTIN




Friday  & Saturday: ALLON SAMS








Friday & Saturday: HERBIE RUSS


Wishing everyone a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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