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Planning Your Party: Mardi Gras Picnic

Summer is here! And here in Michigan, she’s not kidding around. We’ve just had a heat wave to write home about and, as the temperatures cool to a reasonable 80, we’ve got picnics on our minds. There’s nothing much better than getting your extended family, your colleagues, or just your friends, together under shaded trees on a warm, breezy afternoon. But if you want to take your picnic or outdoor party to a whole new level, consider choosing a theme to turn it into a fun-filled affair! At Lorio Ross Entertainment, picnics and outdoor parties are some of the most enjoyable events for us to plan and produce. These types of events offer up the opportunity to think outside the box and incorporate fantastic additions like clowns, moonwalks, dragon floats, carnival games and even old fashioned ice cream trucks. Indoor events don’t typically call for moonwalks or vintage cars but, with outdoor parties, the sky really is the limit.

Theme: Mardi Gras Picnic

Description: A fun and colorful picnic theme that just begs to be held out-of-doors. The vibrant palette of Mardi Gras set in a park atmosphere takes shape in the form of carnival games, clowns, street signs, pennant streamers, stiltwalkers, and anything else you can dream up!

Suggested attire: Casual.

Food and Drink: Ice Cream, Lemonade and vintage Sodas.

Décor: The picnic entrance is flanked by brick columns with an arched sign. Lamp posts and street signs adorn the area as Mardi Gras flag pennants blow in the breeze. Masks, beads, coins and hats adorn the tables.

Entertainment: The options for entertainment are endless. Mardi Gras Clowns and Jesters are a good choice; throw in a couple of Stiltwalkers and you’ll be set! Face painting is always a riot if there are kids in attendance. Carnival games also fit the bill for a Mardi Gras picnic, such as a Hi-Striker, Bag Toss and Moonwalk. And don’t forget the Vintage Ice Cream Truck!

Music: Picnics don’t always require live music so you could consider having a DJ with the option of karaoke. Or, if you’re hosting a big corporate picnic, why not go all our with a marching band!?

Are you hosting a picnic this summer? Tell us about it!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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