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Music Monday: 20 Songs for Second Weddings

If this is your second go-round at the wedding thing, you may be feeling stressed about choosing the music for your celebration. A lot of you are searching for music resources for second weddings and while there is plenty of advice on ceremony traditions, invitation wording or registry etiquette, there isn’t much on the subject of music for second weddings. Perhaps this is because, like many other aspects of the ‘second wedding’, old school rules need not apply. You should aim to choose whatever music suits you and represents your relationship. After all, even if one, or both, of you has been married before, you’ve never married one another! Celebrate your unique love.

Even some of the most traditional and long standing first dance songs would be more than appropriate for your second nuptials. Think Etta James ‘At Last’! If that doesn’t sum up how you feel about your bride or groom to be, I don’t know what would! In any event, we still wanted to give couples a resource with some song options for second weddings. So, we rounded up 20 of our favorites from old to new… just for you!

And for good measure, enjoy the adorable music video for ‘Think of Me’. Your heart will swoon at 3:00.

Do you have any suggestions for second wedding songs? We’d love to hear them!

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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