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Wedding Wednesday: Unique Registries

When it comes to wedding registries, personalization is key. Afterall, you’re asking your guests to look at a list of things you want and pick one, because nothing is worse than receiving an incredibly expensive wedding gift that you’ll never use and cannot return. This is an obvious point, yes, but for years, registries were confined to large department stores and national retailers. From Macy’s to Bed Bath and Beyond to Crate & Barrel, couples were restricted to choose 1 or 2 stores with which to register and find something in their stock that they want. Alas, those days are finally over. It started with niche national retailers, like Home Depot, offering wedding registries because, one day, a light bulb flashed and someone went… doy… not everyone wants a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Just almost everyone.

The alternative wedding registry industry has exploded in recent years, with opportunities to register for anything from your honeymoon to your mortgage! And then a few sites took the idea behind the Amazon Wishlist and turned wedding registries in to a whole new monster. But this monster is good, and friendly, and wants to make your life easier. You’ll love him, trust me.

Here are some of the most unique and easy-to-use registries we could find, for you!


Wishpot is an online service that lets you add anything you want to your Wishpot registry. Think Pinterest but for shopping. Download the wishpot button and ‘wish’ for anything from anywhere on the web. You can then share your list with your guests! Wishpot also lets you take advantage of recommendations from experts and helps you find the best price with price alerts. And, they make it easier to receive cash from friends & family using chipin and cash gifts!


Honeyfund offers free registries for Honeymoons and Cash Gifts. With an insanely friendly interface, you can easily list your dream honeymoon activities, add items from their sample registries and also include non-honeymoon items. Honeyfund also offers chic printable insert cards to announce your registry with your invites as well as links to twitter, Facebook and all the social media sites you use. Top all that off with handy management tools allowing you to see your list from inception through thank you notes, Honeyfund is a really unique option!

Hatch My House

Design a house and start saving toward a down payment, renovations or home decor in a fun and interactive way. After you’ve ‘designed your home’, you’ll link your HMH account to your free PayPal account and then share your registry to easily start receiving cash gifts to be put toward that down payment or kitchen re-do.

Wine Enthusiast

Let’s say you have your house in order, your beautiful gun metal gray Kitchen Aid Mixer perched upon your counter, and you’ve been saving for your honeymoon since you were 22. Perhaps all you need is to stock your wine cellar! It’s as simple as that.

I Do Foundation

With all sorts of options, I Do Foundation is your one-stop-shop for charity giving to celebrate your nuptials. You can set up a charity registry, give to a charity in lieu of favors, or give generously on behalf of your wedding attendants. For a complete win-win situation, create a wedding gift registry with their partner stores and up to 5% of gift purchases will be donated to your favorite charity!

Knack Regisrty

Your style. Your taste. Your registry. With a tagline like that, what’s not to love. Knack takes the Amazon wish list one step further, allowing you to register for items from non-national retailers! Making it the ultimate in personalization. You can choose to register for gifts and also include the option for guests to help fund your honeymoon. Knack offers couples who can’t decide on one thing the variety they might be looking for. And with a clean, crisp website, it’s easy to use to boot!

Where are you registering?


Lisa @ Lorio-Ross


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Wedding Wednesday: Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is the luckiest day on which to get married in Ireland. 

While the rest of us celebrate this Irish holiday with green beer and shamrocks, love takes center stage on the Emerald Isle. Kiss Me, I’m Irish, takes on a whole new meaning! Here are a few other Irish wedding traditions that keep Irish eyes smiling on the big day.


The Irish Wedding Band

The Claddagh Ring is the traditional ring of choice for Irish brides. When engaged, the ring is worn on the right ring finger with the heart facing in, towards the knuckle. Once married, the Claddagh ring is worn on the left ring finger. If the bride opts for an engagement right, it is good luck to have your birthstone included, even if that stone is otherwise unlucky.

The Irish Wedding Dress

While contemporary wedding trends in Ireland closely replicate other Western countries, traditionally the Irish bride wore a blue dress. In ancient times, it was blue that represented purity. Modern brides can take advantage of the growing trend for colored wedding dresses and incorporate a blue wedding dress to celebrate their Irish heritage!

Another tradition is the addition of Irish lace. You may not want your entire dress to be made of the intricate fabric but consider incorporating it in to your veil or don it as a handkerchief.

And while you may not wish for your dress to accidentally be torn on your wedding day, maybe you should! It’s a sign of luck in Ireland!

The Irish Wedding Toast

Irish Toasts and Proverbs are plentiful! Here are just a few of our favorites…

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
Quick to make friends,
But rich or poor,quick or slow,
May you know nothing but
Happiness from this day forward. 

May the roof over your heads be as well thatched
As those inside are well matched.

Here’s to health, peace and prosperity. May the flower of love never be nipped by the frost of disappointment, nor shadow of grief fall among your family and friends.

Irish Superstitions

If you want extra luck on your big day, be sure to 1. wake to the sound of birds signing, 2. see 3 magpie birds, 3. hear a cuckoo, 4. accidentally tear your wedding dress and 5. have the sun shine on you! Don’t worry if you miss a few of these… but be sure to have a happily married woman put the veil on you. It is bad luck to put your veil on yourself. After the ceremony, it’s important that a man be the first to greet the bride and wish her joy. And if you’re planning on having children with your new spouse, look at the sun as you’re leaving your wedding and your children will be beautiful!

The Irish Wedding Dance

Consider starting the night off right with an Irish set dance. This is a great way to enjoy some traditional Celtic music, music with a rhythm your guests won’t be able to ignore! If your guests are not familiar with Irish dance, consider having a few traditional dancers there to provide some fun and quick lessons. Here’s a great video example of some Irish wedding dance fun!

Getting married this Saturday? How are you celebrating?


Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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First Dance Songs: Indie Alternatives

Yesterday we shared some of our most requested First Dance Songs. They all fit the bill, that’s why they’re popular! But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, off the beaten path, then let us suggest some First Dance Song alternatives.

The music industry is vast, and flooded with great content from established artists as well as budding bands. David Gray is a good, go-to artist with plenty of love songs in his repertoire that aren’t over-played. Or you can look to emerging artists, such as First Aid Kit, for folksy inspiration.  She & Him are a band with a great retro vibe and lovely lyrics.

Check out this compilation of video and audio of ideas and suggestions!

What is the most unusual First Dance Song you’ve heard?

Lisa @ Lorio-Ross

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Wedding Reception Bands: Tips and Advice from an Expert (Part 2)

More worthy tips and advice from one of Lorio Ross Entertainment’s founders and agent and our resident wedding expert!

Why would you suggest booking a band through an agency?

When people call us, at Lorio Ross Entertainment, they’re looking for the cream of the crop – whether DJs or bands. The life blood of an agency is referrals. We can’t afford to book bands that are sub-par, they’ve got to be really good to get us those referrals. So couples should consider this, agencies represent and book only the very best.

You may hear a band at a bar or other venue and decide you really love them. They sound great, they have great personality but you have no idea of the background or history of the band.  That band may always be using different people, or some of the members might be unreliable. I know some bands that are fantastic but they’ve never been on time in their lives!!! We know the bands that will work well with their client and follow instructions on the type of music to play and things like Do Not Play lists, and we know the bands that don’t like to take direction from anyone. If you book through an agency, you kind of have an edge. And, the best part, you have someone doing most of the work for you – the agent.

What sort of advice can you offer regarding song-lists?

Sometimes couples will book a band based strictly on their own personal taste, but this is not always the best decision. There are two goals when it comes to wedding music. Sure, the bride and groom want to enjoy themselves and part of that is having music they really love. But, they also need to make sure their guests have a good time. The couple should always consider their guests taste to ensure everyone has a good time. The secret is to choose a band that can pick tunes that everyone attending, regardless of age, can relate to and enjoy. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play oldies, there are plenty of crossover tunes that appeal to everyone. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys – ‘Empire State of Mind‘  or The Black Eyed Peas – ‘I Gotta Feeling‘ are both superb examples of songs that everyone can enjoy. 

What is the most important piece of advice you would like to give couples looking to book a band for their reception?

One of the most important things when booking a band is making sure the band has done many, many weddings. It’s not different than ifyou’re going to have an operation –  you want a doctor who is experienced and skilled. A lot of people make a mistake by hearing a band at a bar, they get really excited about that band, they book them for their wedding. But then at the reception, the band doesn’t sound very good or people aren’t dancing and the tune selections aren’t right. At a bar, tunes are usually catered to a narrow demographic where, at a wedding, the demographic varies from children to elderly.

Lisa @ Lorio Ross

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